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Travel Journal May - July 2013
Travel Journal May to July 2013
Begins atSpring Lake Resort, MI and ends in Fort Wayne, IN
Area of Operation:
Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia
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The month of May began for us in Michigan at Spring Lake, a camping resort
near Kalamazoo where we have a time share.  Michael, Keith, Katja and Ruby
(Michael’s Basset Hound) joined us on May 3rd for the weekend.  We rented
a cabin for them near our RV.  They spent most of the time fishing in the lake
but had no luck. Renée took several long walks with Ruby and in the evening
we cooked on an open fire, and then roasted marshmallows.  

On the 8th we left and drove to Elkhart to have the rest of repairs completed
on the RV and to have a new awning installed.  We returned to Fort Wayne on
the 10th.  

On the 18th Keith and his girl friend, Sarah attended their high school prom.

We spent a lot of time with the house plans and quickly realized that it is not
that easy.  Contractors who will listen to your special desires (German windows,
rolling shutters, geo-thermal, etc.) are hard to find.  Most don’t want the
trouble of trying something different.  After getting quotes from two
contractors, we decided on an Amish contractor who was interested and
willing.  The other one gave us the impression he was too busy to bother with
anything out of the norm.

On June 1st we went to an Amish fest after having been invited by our
contractor, John Schmucker.   There were a lot of different foods to try as
well as a whole roasted hog.  Most of the food was cooked by the Amish women
“The Big Green Egg” and quite delicious.

June 7th was Keith’s high school graduation ceremony at his school.  
Afterwards, we invited his mother and her relatives for a little celebration
with cake and refreshments.

Our graduation present to Keith was a trip to the Civil War battleground in
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  He has a strong interest in history, and in
particular, military history.  It was also the 150th anniversary of the Battle
of Gettysburg.

On June 16th we left Fort Wayne in the RV, spent the night at a campground
in Mogadore, Ohio and reached Gettysburg around 7 PM the following day.
While we were in Pennsylvania, we also went to Carlisle and showed Keith where
we had lived when Michael was little and where he first started to school.  We
had supper at the
Gingerbread Man  which was popular when we lived there
from ’74 to ’78.  It is still doing great!  We spent four days in Gettysburg, took
a bus tour of the battlefield, went to the military museum, wax museum and
saw about everything there was to see.  Keith bought a Teddy bear in Civil War
uniform for his girlfriend, Sarah.

We went through Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio on the return trip.  The
first night was at Jennings Randolph Lake in the mountains of West Virginia.  
Keith did not like traveling through the mountains in the RV, since he is used
to the flat land of Indiana.  The second night was spent near Columbus, Ohio.
We arrived back in Fort Wayne around 3 PM on June 23rd.

The rest of the month was filled with all sorts of things involving the house to
be built and it continued on into July.  We had decided to have a kitchen
equipped by IKEA so on July 11th we drove to Michigan where we spent four
nights at a campground in Grass Lake, west of Detroit.  From there we visited
IKEA in Canton.  On Friday Michael drove up and on Saturday we again went
to IKEA to finalize the kitchen plans.  We did not buy that day since we didn’t
have a truck to transport the kitchen.  The groundbreaking for the house had
also not yet taken place.  Michael drove back home on the 14th and the
following morning we drove to our timeshare campground at Spring Lake
where we spent the next two weeks, except for a short trip back to Fort
Wayne for a scheduled doctor’s appointment and a meeting with our building
contractor.  We left the RV at the campground and the following morning
after a meeting with the architect, drove back to Spring Lake for a little
vacation.  The weather cooperated with us and we went swimming and bike
riding.  In several stages, we rode the entire
Kal Haven bike trail which is a 34
mile stretch built on a former railroad bed from Kalamazoo to South Haven on
Lake Michigan.

On July 29th we drove back to Fort Wayne and on the 31st the ground-
breaking for the house was finally accomplished.

We’ll post an update when it is worthwhile.  
Spring Lake Resort
Keith & Sarah at
the Pre Prom
Photo Shoot
Amish  Fest
Keith at the
General Meade
Memorials on
Chuck, Keith and
President  Lincoln
Keith with his
Union soldier's cap
Keith & Renée at the
Indiana Memorial
Bike Tour
Trail head in
The midway point
The trail ends at Lake Michigan
Chuck is pooped!
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