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Travel Journal February to  April  2013
Travel Journal February to April 2013
Begins in Fort Wayne, IN
and ends at Spring Lake Resort near Kalamazoo. MI
Area of Operation:
Indiana and Michigan
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February was very cold with lots of snow.  On the 8th we celebrated Renée’s 66th
birthday.  Otherwise the month was filled with daily tasks and chores.  We did not
do any travelling.

But on March 3rd we took a trip to Indianapolis to visit Ruth Lang where we were
invited for lunch.  Michael came along and acted as chauffeur.  We used the
opportunity to go shopping at the commissary, which is quite small but still worth
going there when in the vicinity.

On the ninth we celebrated Keith’s 19th birthday.  The rest of the month was
somewhat uneventful. The highlight was probably the multiple trips to the local
GMC dealer that ended in a repair bill of $3104.81!  At least we had a loaner while
it was in the shop.

Michael and Chuck spent two weekends “remodeling” the study; painting and laying
down new carpet.  Toward the end of the month we finally received the
house plans
from the architect.  It warmed up for Easter but then in April it again turned cold.

On April 2nd we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. The following day  
Chuck had to take Renée to the emergency room.  The symptoms were vomiting
and severe stomach cramps.  After several hours filled with misdiagnosis, it was
finally determined that she had an intestinal blockage caused by lesions from
previous operations.  The following morning she went to surgery where the surgeon
successfully removed the lesions.  She remained in the hospital until April 8th,
missing the appointment with the first building contractor on April 5th but she was
present for the appointment with the second contractor on the 10th.  A post-op
checkup with the surgeon on the 19th revealed that the operation was fully
successful and she quickly regained her strength.

On April 21st we left Fort Wayne with the RV and drove to Elkhart for an
appointment to have multiple electrical problems corrected.  A power surge during
the winter burned up the power transfer switch, the microwave and the electrical
side of the hot water heater (which fortunately can also run on propane gas).  We
also need to have repair work on the outside awning.  We spent the night next to
the repair shop and the following morning repairs were begun.  It took longer than
anticipated and additional parts had to be ordered to complete the work.

So on 24th we departed Elkhart and drove to Spring Lake Resort near Kalamazoo,
Michigan where we had reserved a spot for two weeks.  On the way back, we’ll
return to Elkhart to have the repair work completed.  

Michael, Keith and Katja were supposed to join us on the 24th but since the
temperature had been still near freezing at night, the water had not been turned
on nor have they started to rent out the cabins. An additional three people and one
dog would be too much in the RV.  Katja also came down with a fever and diarrhea,
so it has been put off for a week.   However, we finally did get running water.

We have spent the time touring the area and generally catching up on small projects.

On the 30th the sun was shining and we can finally see a tinge of green on the trees.  

We’ll post an update when it is worthwhile.  
Spring might come soon!