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Travel Journal February 2012
Travel Journal February 2012
Begins at McChord AFB in Tacoma, WA and ends in
Graham, WA.
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Guest book entries
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Renée's 65th Birthday
"Space Needle"
at Night
Our campground in
Graham, Washington with
an unobstructed view of
Mount Rainier
"Travel journal" for February is actually a misnomer.  We had planned to travel by
catching a space-a flight to Germany before the end of the month…..  Well, the
flight went but we didn’t, since they took no passengers.  So here is a short report
of our other activities in February.

During the first couple of weeks we completed our annual medical appointments and
had our prescriptions renewed, then began to prepare for a flight to Germany.  We
also realized that in order to prevent “homesteading”, McChord has an eight month
limit which meant that we would have to move before April 2nd.  This could occur
while we were still in transit and waiting for a return flight from Europe.  So we
began a search for RV parks in the surrounding area.  As usual, life was good to us
and we found an RV park nearby with a stunning view of Mount Rainier (see photo).  
We immediately made a reservation for late February since we were paid up at
McChord until then.

On February 8th Renée had her 65th birthday (see photo).  We celebrated with
dinner at the
Crab Pot, followed by a visit to the Seattle Center where the Space
Needle (see photo) is located.  We had reservations at
McCaw Hall for the
Shen Yun  performance.  The costumes and performance were breath-taking!

For several weeks Chuck had been suffering with a stiff neck on the left side.  The
doctor ordered an x-ray, followed by an MRI which revealed that he had a herniated
(slipped) disc.  Although painful, it normally heals itself.  Just having the knowledge
what is causing the pain is a relief in itself, and it is gradually getting better.

Our preparations for a trip were in full gear but not far enough along when a
surprise flight to Ramstein, Germany popped up on February 12th.  Normally, we
will know about a flight up to 72 hours ahead but this was less than 24 hours and we
were not able to pack and move the RV, pack suitcases and make the flight.

Although the flight info recording will contain flights up to 72 hours in the future, a
little more information can sometimes be obtained by visiting the terminal.   We
were able to discover that two flights would be leaving on February 23rd for
Colorado Springs and on to Ramstein.  
With this information in hand, on February 21st in the middle of a rainstorm, we
moved from McChord to Rainier View RV Park.  On the 23rd the flights were no
longer listed as going to Ramstein since they would be taking on heavy cargo in
Colorado and no seats would be available for the rest of the flight.

The weather has been pretty bad since our move to the new RV park and Mount
Rainer has only been visible one day since we relocated (see photo).  We continue
to constantly monitor the flight schedules.  Wish us luck!

To be continued……………
View of Mt. Rainier
through the back
window of our RV
Area of Operation:
Washington State