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Travel Journal January 2013
Travel Journal January 2013
Begins in Erolzheim, Germany and ends in Fort Wayne, IN
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Area of Operation:
From Germany via Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio
to Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Farewell Breakfast in
Egon is slicing the
Julia, Geli & Chuck
Chuck, Egon, Tim, Julia & Geli
Our visit with Ruth Lang in
Geli and Egon were bound
to be very happy that we
would be leaving soon so
they could sleep in their
own bed again, which they
had placed at our disposal
during our visit with them.
After having welcomed the New Year in style, our days in Germany
were coming to a close.  On January 2nd we visited Christa and
Winfried Walter in Dettingen and spent a few very pleasant hours
with conversation, coffee, tea and cake. On the following day we
invited Geli, Egon and Tim for a departure dinner at the
hof in Gutenzell.  Julia had other plans and was not able to attend.  
We spent the next day packing for our return and on January 5th
we once again met Jeanette and Klaus in Illertissen to have one
last visit with Tante Anna.  From there we drove to Ramstein,
arriving around 8 PM, and spent three nights in the hotel before
boarding a flight to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware with a check-
in at 7:15 AM.  While waiting for the flight to leave Renée spent all
of her small change in Euros on 10 pretzels at the bakery as a
present for Michael.  At 9:15 we boarded a
C-5 cargo transport
plane which has normal seating on the top deck.  There were so
few passengers that we all had three seats to stretch and relax/
sleep the entire flight.  We arrived at Dover AFB, DE around 1 PM,
rented a car and drove the 110 miles to McGuire Air Force Base,
New Jersey where our truck was parked.  We spent the night at
McGuire and the following morning toured Wrightstown outside
the main gate.  Wrightstown was Renée’s first glimpse at the US
forty-five years ago shortly after we were married.  She was so
impressed with the place that she wanted to immediately leave and
return to Germany. By comparison to 1968, it looks a little better

We then started our trip back to Indiana via Trenton, NJ across
the Delaware River, past Philadelphia and through the Allegheny
mountains across Pennsylvania into Ohio above Youngstown and on
to Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We took our good old time, shopping and
stopping along the way, arriving at Michael’s shortly after
midnight.  Everyone was already in bed and we weren’t able to
distribute our “gifts” until the following day.

Our other travels in January was a trip to Indianapolis on the 18th
to visit our good friend Ruth Lang, who lives at the
Retirement Center  complete with all of the amenities.  It is the
most fantastic senior living center we have ever seen!

In the middle of January we finally closed on the property where
we plan to build a house with Michael.  We are now waiting on the
architect to complete house plan modifications.

With this journal we are suspending our monthly travel journals.
We will, however, let you know when we have posted updates.  
When the house is built and our belongings are out of storage, we
will be on the road again and post our travel journals on a regular
basis once again!

To be continued………….