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Travel Journal January 2012
Areas of Operation:
Colorado, Utah and Washington State
Travel Journal January 2012
Begins at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, CO and ends at McChord AFB in Tacoma, WA.
The first few days of the New Year were spent in Colorado until we boarded a flight
to Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City, Utah.  From there we caught a flight on
January 6th that took us back to McChord Air Force Base where our RV had been
patiently waiting for our return.

After a good night’s sleep in our own bed, we began an intensive week of catching up
on local chores (unpacking, washing, bookkeeping, packing up Christmas decorations,
etc.).  On the 15th we had the beginning of the first real snow.  Two days later
Chuck finally underwent the colonoscopy that had been rescheduled two times
because of our delayed return.

The following morning on the 18th a true snow storm hit, followed by an ice storm.  
Several trees fell nearby, one about fifty feet from us, which took down the power
lines.  We were without power for over two days.   But since we have a generator, it
wasn’t a catastrophe for us, just an inconvenience.   

However, we experienced real danger by falling limbs and large chunks of ice.  
When the weight of the ice became too much, the limbs would break and fall,
bringing down the ice with them.  Renée had one piece of ice land on her head but
she had a heavily insulated cap on so there was no damage.  Chuck wasn’t as lucky
and a piece of ice poked a hole in the top of his head.  Our RV was inside the
blocked-off danger zone but we couldn’t get it out of the forest because the roads
were too icy.  As the ice began to thaw, the roof was bombarded.  We had a
constant “thump, thump, thump” on the roof, day and night.  But apparently the snow
and ice pack served as insulation and we and the roof survived it.  The only damage
was cuts in the large awning where it was rolled up and the top end of the roll
exposed to the onslaught of ice and limbs.  Before the ice storm, Renée had taken a
picture of our “Romantic Winter Scene” and after it was over, she took photos of
what looked like a battlefield.

The last days of January were filled with rain and we continued our daily routine.  
Suddenly, on the 26th we awoke to a sunny day with no clouds.  We took advantage
of this unusual event and drove to
Whidbey Island, northwest of Seattle.  We
crossed over by ferry to the southern end of the island and drove the entire length
to the northern end. There the island is connected by bridge to Fidalgo Island and
after crossing it we continued on to the mainland over more bridges.  

Since our arrival in the Pacific Northwest we had been hearing about the Naval Air
Station on Whidbey Island and the space A flights that tend to go to some very
interesting and unusual places, so we needed to reconnoiter in case we might
someday catch a flight to or from there.  Whidbey Island is also a very scenic and
beautiful place and during this time of the year one does not have to contend with
mass tourism.

On the 28th the weather was again “rain free” so we took a drive along the back
roads to Tumwater Historical Park in Olympia.  Unfortunately, the park was closed
due to storm damage but is on our agenda for a future visit.

And now an update about our misfortune in Hawaii where we lost a bag containing
electrical cords, adapters, camera accessories, etc.
 In the last package with our
mail from Michael, we had a short letter from the owner of the camper van rental
agency in Hawaii from whom we had rented the camping vans while we were there.  
They had found the bag in their storage shed
and mailed it to us.  There were many
things that
we had not been able to replace and we were quite overjoyed when the
package arrived on January 30th.  We must be living right!

To be continued………….
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